Tooth Loss - Dental Devastation

Tooth Loss - Dental Devastation

Posted by iTooth Family Dentistry


on May 25 2015, 05:53 AM

Tooth Loss - Dental Devastation
Missing teeth can rage devastation through your entire mouth. No matter if your tooth received a TKO or it met its demise due to dental complications, losing just one tooth can affect your entire smile-inspiring teeth to shift and bone to degrade. Losing many teeth can set in motion events which will eventually alter the shape of your face, and hinder your ability to chew and speak. causing dental devastation.

Replacing missing teeth is crucial to the life of your smile.

How do missing teeth lead to loss of bone and a crooked smile?

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Tooth Loss - Turning a Straight Smile into Crooked Chaos

Pulling teeth out of your mouth can be like pulling the plug on a drain - you will lose all the contents eventually. In our e-book, discover the harsh implications of tooth loss, and why replacing them is critical to your health as well as your entire smile.

What you will learn:

How your teeth rely on each other for stability and support
What can happen to your jawbone without a tooth root
Why tooth replacement is crucial to maintaining a perfect smile
How tooth loss can affect more than just your teeth
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