Onlays in Springfield, MO

Onlays in Springfield, MO

With age and time, your teeth start wearing down, creating gaps and hollow spaces between them. As the name suggests, Onlays are a dental restoration technique performed on the surface of teeth. It fits inside the teeth and extends to the surface of the teeth as well. Onlays are done when normal filling cannot be placed in cases of serious injury and decay. Onlays are generally made from porcelain, resin, or gold. It is placed over the top of one or more tooth cusps. 

When Are Onlays Used?

  • When the tooth cusp is damaged and filing cannot be done, onlays are the best option.
  • If the natural structure of the tooth is weak, we cannot use filing to restore the tooth as it might crack. Onlays can be safely used in such cases.
  • In onlays, a very little amount of natural tooth is removed compared to what is required in a crown treatment. The process requires very little time.

Benefits of Onlays

  • They are not easily discolored
  • They are more resistant to damage than other materials
  • They improve the aesthetics of the smile
  • They are customized according to the choices of the patient
  • They are long-lasting

What Is the Procedure for Fixing Onlays?

The procedure is usually completed in two appointments. In the first visit, we will administer local anesthesia to numb the area and remove the damaged portions of the teeth. After this, the teeth are shaped from all sides, and an impression is taken to be sent to dental labs. In the meantime, a temporary soft onlay is placed on the teeth to protect them from oral bacteria. 

The second visit usually takes place in a week or two after the onlay is modeled. The temporary onlay is then removed, and the permanent one is set on the teeth using dental cement. We will then conduct a bite test and make the required adjustments after checking the fit. The onlays are polished to match the aesthetics of your natural teeth.

Taking Care of the Onlays

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Avoid flossing areas where onlays are placed as it may damage or dislodge them
  • Do not eat sticky or hard foods and avoid beverages with excess sugar in them
  • To keep your gums healthy, use a medicated mouthwash
  • While the temporary onlay is still on, do not use the tooth for biting or chewing
  • If the onlay is somehow damaged or dislocated, contact your dentist immediately.
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