Tooth Extractions in Springfield, MO

Tooth Extractions in Springfield, MO

Tooth extraction is a process where we remove your teeth from their sockets in the bone. There may be many reasons why you need to get your teeth removed. It is one of the standard procedures we offer at our clinic.  

Why Opt for Tooth Extraction?

Many times, we try to restore your chipped or broken teeth using our restorative procedures like bonding, filling, veneers, and crowns. But in some cases, the damage to your teeth is too severe to repair. In such situations, extracting the teeth is the only solution to protect your gum and remaining teeth from decay, infection, and other oral problems.
  • Tooth extraction is recommended when the infection or decay has reached deep into your teeth.
  • Tooth extraction may be required in case of injury or trauma.
  • Tooth extraction is also required when there is not enough room for all the teeth in your mouth.
  • Many orthodontic procedures may require tooth extraction to create space for other teeth.
  • Tooth extraction may be recommended to remove your wisdom teeth.

How to Prepare

We will take an X-ray of your teeth to determine their shape, size, structure, and position. We will also discuss your medical and oral history to determine the best way to remove your teeth. Teeth extraction may be simple or surgical.

During a simple tooth extraction, we will numb the area around your teeth with a local anesthetic. With the help of dental instruments, we will loosen the tooth and then remove it using dental forceps.

A surgical extraction is a more complicated procedure, and we may have to perform it for the tooth that has broken off at your gum line or has not erupted fully into your mouth. The procedure involves making a small incision into your gum, loosening the teeth, and then removing them using dental forceps.

What Happens After the Procedure?

You may experience some bleeding right after the procedure. We will give you a piece of moist, sterile gauze to bite on for 30 to 40 minutes after extraction and provide you with detailed aftercare instructions.

Do not eat anything hard for 24 hours after your surgery. Avoid consuming too hot or too cold foods and have only light meals such as pasta, mashed potatoes, rice, and others. Change the dressing every 30 minutes. Do not rinse your mouth vigorously. We will give you some prescription to relieve infection, pain, and swelling.

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