Dental Cleaning & Prevention in Springfield, MO

Dental Cleaning & Prevention in Springfield, MO

Teeth cleanings and preventive dental treatments will help you maintain excellent oral health while reducing future dental expenditures. Routine dental exams and professional teeth cleanings are crucial for your oral health. At iTooth Family Dentistry, we provide various preventive care treatments to help you retain good oral health for a lifetime.

Importance of Dental Cleaning and Preventions

Home care routine must include brushing and flossing twice a day. In addition, several preventive dental strategies can make your oral condition even better. Patients will be amazed to know that some special toothpaste, mouthwash, or a unique toothpick can help make all the difference in their efforts. Our team at iTooth Family Dentistry will provide customized solutions to assist your dental care efforts and transform your smiles.

A balanced nutritious diet plays a critical role in oral health. We will educate you on the foods that will be beneficial for the growth and development of your oral structures. Preventive dentistry measures like teeth cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments will help fight tooth decay and restrict the spread of gum disease.

Together, with a proactive approach, we can prevent minor problems from turning into major ones. If the oral infections and inflammation are not treated, they can cause other health problems that could otherwise be avoided.

What Is Included In Cleaning and Prevention?

  • Professional teeth cleanings will eliminate most of the stains that dull and discolor your teeth and give you a brighter, whiter smile.
  • Regular cleanings can prevent gum diseases that will progress to advanced conditions, leading to early tooth loss if left unchecked.
  • A strong link has been identified between gum disease and cardiovascular conditions. Hence getting your teeth cleaned twice a year will help not only in preventing gum disease, but also reduce the possibility of fatal heart attacks and strokes.
  • Oral cancer, if diagnosed in its initial stages, can be treated successfully. As part of our preventive care, we conduct oral cancer screenings to ensure the wellness of your oral health. 
  • It becomes considerably easier to spot early signs of problems such as fractures or broken fillings during a professional dental cleaning.
  • If we identify any serious problems during a teeth cleaning or exam, we will help you with the necessary restorative procedures.
  • Lastly, we will provide training and education on effective home care dental techniques that will assist you in maintaining your oral health in top condition.

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