Gum Contouring in Springfield, MO

Gum Contouring in Springfield, MO

Gum contouring, commonly known as gum reshaping, is a treatment that involves changing and restoring the shape of your gums. This takes place if you either have excessive gum tissues that partially cover your teeth, known as teeth recession, or when you have very little gums that make your teeth look longer than they actually are. A cosmetic surgery, gum contouring protects your teeth from several other problems along with improving the aesthetics of your smile.

What Causes Uneven Gums?

Sometimes gums cover a large portion of the teeth, making them look smaller. This can happen due to a variety of factors, a few of which include taking some prescribed drugs or due to certain genetic factors. Teeth recession causes serious dental problems in the future, like tooth decay and tooth loss. 

Why Is Gum Contouring Needed?

The contouring serves a number of purposes, including treatment of certain periodontal diseases, pocket reduction, crown lengthening, and regenerative procedures. The receding gums expose the teeth to bacterial attack creating pockets in between the roots and gums. Contouring secures these gaps and prevents future problems.

The Procedure of Gum Contouring

First, we will draft how much of your gum is to be removed or restored and also plan the position of the new gum line. The contouring usually requires a one-day appointment. Depending on the extent of gum to be removed or added, the treatment needs 2 to 3 hours.

We will then use local anesthesia to numb the area of surgery. A soft tissue laser or a scalpel is used to remove the extra gums and change the position of the gum, exposing more teeth. Sutures are then used to hold the gum tissues in place.

During teeth recession, gum tissues are taken from other parts of the mouth, generally from the palate, and are grafted to resculpt the gum line and make the gums look longer. Sometimes the bone in front of the tooth’s root is removed for better and long-lasting results.

Taking Care After the Surgery

  • Always practice good oral hygiene and care for a few weeks after the procedure is complete.
  • Soft bristle toothbrushes and gentle dental flosses are to be used during the time the gum is healing to avoid bleeding and infection at a later stage.
  • During the initial days, a very light mouthwash is to be used to avoid the burning sensation of the sensitive gums.

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