Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue laser, also known as dental diode lasers, is a thin beam of highly focused and intense light. As the name suggests, laser therapy induces control while treating and removing the soft tissues inside your mouth. They are available in varying power levels and wavelengths depending on the intensity of repair. They are used for periodontal treatments, crown lengthening, and gingival contouring. Unlike surgery, they are gentle, and the patient has very little pain during the treatment. 

There are different kinds of lasers available — carbon dioxide lasers, argon lasers, and diode lasers, to name a few.

What Are the Uses of Soft Tissue Lasers?

Periodontal treatment: The unique benefit of using laser treatment for treating gums is that it treats the outer layers of tissue gently while destroying the source of infection. During deep cleanings using a laser, there is less swelling, bleeding, and sensitivity. 

Gum recontouring: The laser is used to shape and recreate a new gum line with minimum effort and pain. This avoids the invasive surgical procedure used earlier.

Tongue ties or lip ties: When the stripes of tissue under your tongue are tight, they restrict the movement of the tongue and lips. Removing them using a soft tissue laser improves speech and pronunciations in a child. 

Dental extractions: After a tooth is extracted, the gums swell and cause discomfort in an individual. A soft tissue laser cauterizes the tissues at the site of extraction and stops the inflammation. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Soft Tissue Lasers?

Soft tissue laser offers the following advantages:
  • The amount of general or local anesthetic required during laser therapy is minimal
  • The laser is safe to use around dental implants
  • The treatment does not harm hard tissues and dental pulp
  • Most of the time, laser therapy does not require post-op stitches, which is advantageous for pediatric patients
  • The pen-style design offers a good grip and better visibility while operating on the delicate oral tissues

Is it Safe to Use the Soft Tissue Laser?

The soft tissue laser is very safe to use. The laser does not damage tooth fillings and successfully deep cleans the gum pockets. It produces zero to very little heat that does not destroy any existing dental implants. Unlike most electrosurgery tools, the soft tissue laser is safe to use with patients who have pacemakers installed. The laser very carefully and gently separates the tissues, which is time-saving and is also known to stop post-op inflammation. 

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