Periodontal Therapy in Springfield, MO

Periodontal Therapy in Springfield, MO

Oral health is not only restricted to gums but to your teeth as well. The health of your gums play a crucial role in maintaining your overall oral health. Many factors affect gum health, and when not addressed at the right time, you may fall prey to gum or periodontal diseases. We may suggest periodontal therapy to treat such problems.
Periodontal therapy is a non-surgical treatment for gum diseases. The goal of this treatment is to control and manage your gum disease without approaching any form of surgery. You may restore your gum health and keep tooth loss at bay by opting for the treatment.

What Causes Periodontal Diseases?

  • Poor oral habits
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Consumption of smoke, alcohol, and drugs
  • Hormonal changes such as menopause, pregnancy, etc.
  • Obesity

What Does Periodontal Therapy Include?

Over time, elements like plaque and tartar build up on your teeth's surface and below the gum line. Such accumulation leads to receding gums, thus forming pockets and allowing these elements to enter inside.
Scaling or deep cleaning is performed to remove these hidden buildups. We use handheld dental tools and ultrasonic cleaners to remove such accumulation and clean your teeth.

Root Planing
This procedure involves smoothing out rough surfaces that may affect the roots of your teeth. We remove these roughened areas and clear the bacteria hiding in these crevices. Alongside this, root planing assures that your gums will reattach to a cleaner surface. Both scaling and root planing are performed together to give you clean and shining teeth.

In some cases, we may use antibiotic gels and other medications as a part of the therapy. The role of these medicines is to reduce the count of bacteria in the mouth. Furthermore, they relieve the swelling of your gums. We apply antibiotic gels after scaling and root planing.
We may also recommend an antimicrobial mouthwash as a part of in-home care after your treatment.

What Is Included in the Aftercare?

You may resume your regular activities after the therapy. We will also ask you to maintain an optimal oral healthcare routine such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing your mouth after each meal. Consume more green vegetables and fruits to make your gums heal faster.
In some cases, we may prescribe medication to deal with the pain and swelling after the therapy. It also reduces the further onset of bacterial growth and keeps your mouth germ-free. Visit us twice a year for dental checkups and examinations.

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