Oral Surgery in Springfield, MO

Oral Surgery in Springfield, MO

Oral surgery involves operating on your teeth, jaw, and other facial structures. There are many events where you may require oral surgery like missing teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth infection, etc. Sometimes, you may also need to undergo a surgical procedure for facial reconstruction and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental implants are one of the most popular oral surgeries performed to replace missing teeth. It is a permanent restorative treatment where we insert a titanium screw into your jaw and later attach your artificial teeth to the same. Your new teeth look and function exactly like your natural teeth.

At times, restoration procedures like dental fillings, bonding, or others are unable to save your teeth, and we may have to perform surgery like tooth extraction to protect your remaining teeth from decay. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and combined with laughing gas to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.
Some people do not have adequate bone, making it impossible for us to perform other dental procedures, especially dental implants. In this case, we perform bone grafting. We may use your bone or use an artificial bone to increase the width and height of bone.

Sleep Apnea Treatment
If you are unable to tolerate the treatment options provided by your pulmonologist, such as a C.P.A.P. a sleep appliance may be fabricated to help you with treating your sleep apnea.  

Wisdom teeth often do not have enough room to erupt properly in your mouth, thus leading to many other problems such as overcrowding your teeth, excruciating pain while eating or from the inflamed tissues surrounding your wisdom teeth.  We may remove your wisdom teeth in our office or may send you to an oral surgeon. 

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