Children's Dentistry in Springfield, MO

Children's Dentistry in Springfield, MO

Children’s dentistry, also known as pediatric dentistry, is all about taking care of children’s oral health. Kids are more prone to problems like tooth infection, cavities, gum infection, and others. Our pediatric services cover a variety of procedures designed to consider your child’s comfort. We urge you to bring your little one to our clinic once every six months so that we can keep track of their dental health.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental procedures we perform on children. Cavities are the most significant dental problem that a majority of children suffer from. The reasons for cavities may be many – poor oral hygiene and unhealthy eating habits are but a few of them. We treat cavities using dental fillings or stainless steel crowns.

The procedure starts with numbing their infected teeth, after which we remove all the infected or damaged areas. We will then fill the teeth with a filling of a suitable material, most commonly a tooth-colored composite. The use of this material will give a natural appearance to their smile.

Dental Cleanings

As a parent, you must visit our clinic with your little one for their dental cleaning.Dental cleanings are as essential for children as they are for adults. Over time, their teeth become exposed to the accumulation of plaque, tartar, bacteria, and other substances. If action is not taken in a timely manner, such buildup may spread to their gums and lead to infection and gum decay.

Dental cleaning ensures that all these substances are removed from the surface of your child’s teeth. This procedure is painless. After removing the plaque and calculus, cleanings also enhance the appearance of their smile.

Tooth Extractions

When the teeth of your little one get overly infected that no filling or crown can restore, tooth extraction is performed to save their remaining teeth from such infection. Tooth extraction may make your child a little fearful. To ease such fear and anxiety, we administer a local anesthetic so that they feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a treatment for severely infected teeth. They are also used to restore chipped and broken teeth in children.


Every procedure has its own aftercare. Your child must follow a proper oral care regime by brushing and flossing their mouth twice a day. Limit the consumption of sugary and sticky foods from their diet and visit us regularly for dental checkups.

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