What’s A Smile Worth?

What’s A Smile Worth?

Posted by iTooth Family Dentistry


on Dec 27 2015, 11:48 PM

What’s A Smile Worth?

Imagine this classic American scene: a well-kept house with a white picket fence. The fence sits perfectly straight and brilliantly painted, not a board out of place. That fence greets everyone who pulls up, making a first impression that's not always consciously noted.

Yet a crooked fence, an uneven post, or peeling paint all change the appearance of the entire scene...dramatically.

A Happy Grin

Smiles matter, probably more than we realize. Studies confirm the powerful role of smiles in our relationships and on our self-esteem, just as romance may spark with a simple smile across a crowded room, and a child's self-worth is partially built through mom's beams of approval. Salespeople who use the 13 muscles needed to smile rather than the 113 muscles to frown, sell more. In fact, one study recently quantified the monetary value of a smile! Researchers found that in sales situations each genuine smile was worth about $0.43. Regardless of the measure, a genuine, attractive smile bolsters success in every aspect of your life.

If you're confident, you smile more. If you smile more, you feel more confident. But what if you don't want to flash your smile because you're embarrassed by crooked teeth? It becomes a psychological short-circuit, with effects that can ripple through your entire life.

At our practice, watching the transformation in patients discovering a brilliant new smile highlights our day. With specialized training in modern materials and techniques, our team holds solutions to correct every imperfect smile.

Could It Be That Simple?

Sometimes a new smile emerges from the simplest steps. Professional whitening removes years of dingy stains, alongside some gentle polishing and reshaping of chipped, uneven edges, can create an unforgettable transformation as well. But like a crooked fence post, teeth may need to be gently lined up to complete the scene.

Fortunately, our team has several methods to discuss with you that provide alternatives to traditional braces. These current techniques bring the possibility of a straight, white smile into focus. And it may be simpler than you've imagined.

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