Intra-Oral Camera in Springfield, MO

Intra-Oral Camera in Springfield, MO

Sometimes, certain parts and corners of your mouth are not visible or accessible to the dentist with bare eyes. Intraoral cameras are lightweight and contemporary tools used to have a closer look and observe the insides of your mouth more precisely. They are used to take high-resolution, color pictures of your teeth, gums, and other parts of the mouth to diagnose dental issues. 

They are also used to follow up on the rate of recovery after the procedure of dental treatment is complete. 

How Does an Intraoral Camera Work?

Intraoral cameras are highly portable devices that look like a small and slender wand with a small digital camera mounted at its point. They are stoked with an LED, and thus, unlike traditional mirror-examination, they do not require any external lights. The images are then displayed on big screens for easy detection of the disease. 

With the advancement of intraoral cameras, the LEDs can be auto-focused, and images can be clicked with just one touch. It offers up to 100x magnification, and the angle views range from 0 to 90 degrees, leaving no corner unviewed. 

Benefits of an Intraoral Camera

  • Intraoral cameras are very effective in oral cancer screening. The images give an accurate measurement and description of the tumor for better evaluation of the patient’s oral condition. Traditional screening does not provide such accuracy.
  • Intraoral cameras make you an active part in the examination and treatment of your teeth and gums. When you have a visual of your mouth, you have the required information, and it becomes easier for you to make decisions regarding what kind of treatment you want. 
  • The powerful magnification feature of the camera allows the dentist to detect the early stages of several gum infections and cavities, which would have been impossible in mirror examinations. Dentists can start the treatment without much delay. 
  • The images can be referred to in different stages of the treatment to check for progress and changes in your oral health.
  • Your dentist can educate you better about your oral hygiene and customize your care using the enlarged images of your mouth. 
  • Sometimes your insurance company needs clear proof of the oral problems before approving treatment. Images from the intraoral cameras can act as visual proof.

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